Where do we start? 

Is the Mothercare Journey a good travel system? It seems to look pretty stylish, it’s affordable... But, does it stack up against the Infababy ULTIMO? Let’s find out.

The Journey is Not a real 3in1:

The main difference between the Mothercare Journey and the Infababy Ultimo is that the Journey is NOT an actual 3in1 travel system. What’s a 3in1 Travel System you may ask? Well, it’s simply a travel system with 3 of the main pieces you really need in order to call it a travel system. Generally, a 3in1 system comes with a STROLLER, a CARRYCOT and a CARSEAT. The Infababy Ultimo comes with all 3 separate parts or components. So the parent can easily exchange each piece onto the frame when required.

The Journey doesn’t officially have 3 parts, it has the STROLLER and CARRYCOT kind of combined, meaning the carrycot converts into the stroller and vice versa. This is arguably not the most comfortable for the child because the carrycot is never really like an official carrycot. An official carrycot, like on the Ultimo, has a really flat, hard base with a real mattress that lays on top of the base board. This acts a bit like a moses basket and keeps the baby secure and comfortable. The Journey however in carrycot mode kind of feels like a stroller converted into a carrycot. You have to find some suitable padding for the baby. Some people end up using a blanket which, as you can imagine isn’t the most comfortable thing to lie on.  

Again in terms of the stroller, the Infababy Ultimo stroller is a purpose built stroller, firm where required and ergonomically shaped to your child. So not a haphazard, used to be a carrycot type of feeling. The Ultimo also comes with a cosy liner too.



The wheels on the Journey are solid EVA plastic. The wheels on the Infababy Ultimo are air-filled, larger and much smoother to walk with.


Car Seat & Base:

There is no competition when it comes to the car seat. The Infababy Ultimo car seat works with a car seat base. The Journey car seat doesn’t work with a base. A base is something that makes having a car seat so much easier. Instead of having to strap the Journey car seat into the car every time you can easily just click it into the base in the car. It’s just a matter of disconnecting the car seat from the frame of your system and simply clicking in. The Ultimo also has the option of strapping the car seat into the car with the vehicles seat belt, but why not use the base. It’s so much easier.


Award Winning:

The Ultimo has just won the most prestigious award in the UK. The 2020 Mother and Baby Awards. You can read about it in our blog here.



Even though the Ultimo is more expensive, you get a lot more bang for your buck. Not just the above points but in a like for like test there is absolutely no doubt the Infababy Ultimo wins this comparison without even trying.


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