The title of the product is long but when you manage to get your head around the name you will understand why the Nexo is so important. It is i-Size compliant, meaning it has passed the most modern and strictest tests in Europe when it comes to child safety. The Extended Rear Facing part means you can use the car seat in rear facing (the safest) mode until your child is 105cm long (or around 4 to 5 years of age). We have another blog here outlining what i-Size means.

It was a long and painstaking wait to finally have our NEXO car seat available to Irish and UK customers. We put the NEXO through intense testing over a 12 month period to ensure it surpasses all standards. Then it had to go through further testing and scrutiny at the test centre to be able to pass i-Size and EU standards. It sailed through the testing and now it’s finally available to order from our website. (Order now)

You may notice that we sell the NEXO with the base included and also without the base. The reason for this is because you may already have a base for the Nexo if you previously purchased the i-Size base with the MOTO or FLO travel systems. Now if you purchase the ICON or the new PRIMO travel systems and base you can use the base with the NEXO, so you only need to buy the NEXO seat unit and it will click into the base. Our customers have already been commenting on how great this feature is:


Roisin from Donegal:

''I have the MOTO travel system nearly 1 year now and was delighted to see that I could buy an extended rear facing car seat that will work on the base I already had with the travel system.''


Isabel from Lancaster:

''Love the fact that I can buy the Nexo extendable car seat that I can use on the i-Size car seat base that I already have. It’s a win-win.''


So to recap, if you have the following travel system and bought a base for your car then you can use the NEXO on the same base.

> The MOTO

> The FLO


Also, now if you buy the ICON or PRIMO travel systems and car seat i-Size base you can use the NEXO with it. So as soon as baby is too big for the car seat which comes with the above travel systems then you can use the NEXO for an extended period in rear facing mode.

Please note if you do not have the base for the NEXO you will have to purchase the bundle (Shop the Bundle Deal Now)


Also bear in mind that there is no installation required for the NEXO, once the car seat base is clicked into your car the NEXO will click directly into the base (once is the Infababy i-Size car seat base), please read the NEXO instructions carefully before using.


See some NEXO images here:


See the required Base photo here: 


See the Bundle here: