Congratulations! Your baby is on the way! But, what do you need to do now? Between finding out about the great news and birth, new parents will face a lot of planning and preparation which we know is very exciting but can also be a bit stressful. This will include choosing a travel system, picking up first baby clothes and of course preparing a perfect nursery room. That’s why in this blog, we included a few tips and inspirations for you which we are sure will help you in making the final decisions from picking the colour of the wall to buying furniture. So, what are the two main things to consider? The answer is design and functionality.

Let’s talk about design first! 

Our first tip is to choose and focus on one theme and the colour palette. There is a lot to choose from, but from our experience and research, parents usually choose either neutral and toned colours or bright and energetic colours often focusing around a certain cartoon character or a different topic like flowers or cars. This all depends on personal preference and both ideas should look absolutely amazing. 

Based on the colours you’ll choose, it will be easier to pick up other nursery room essentials. This will include the colour of the curtains, colour and style of the furniture and other decorations. Another thing to remember is to try and keep the inner balance and do not fill the room too much.

The images below show a great example of the two colour themes in real life. (Ref. Pinterest)

What you could also do, is to combine the two of them together, by for example adding a colourful rug on the floor to brighten up the interiors in the neutral themed room or placing a colourful cushion on the armchair.

Combining design and functionality 

What furniture do you need? The first and most important piece of furniture is a cot or a cotbed and of course a mattress in order for your baby to have the best possible sleep. Babies up to 2 months require from 11 to 18 hours sleep. Their brains work very hard during these naps as different studies show that dreaming stimulates the brain and encourages healthy development.


A cot or a cotbed?

A cot is smaller than cotbed which is great when the space is limited. One of the key points to consider when buying a cot is if you are planning more children any time soon. Cots are more cost effective and can be used for a second child while transferring the older sibling to a bigger bed.

If buying a cot, we strongly recommend our Infababy Rainbow cot. It features an absolutely gorgeous look with colourful bars on both sides, it is very easy to assemble and made from environmentally friendly and sustainable New Zealand solid pine. Would you like to find out more about this amazing product?

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A cotbed is bigger than a cot and can be used for a longer period of time. Some cotbeds can even be converted into a junior bed by removing the sides and lowering the ends (you must check if the cotbed you are looking at can perform this feature). It’s a better value for money, as you will not have to buy a cot and toddler bed separately.

If buying a cotbed, make sure you will have a look at our range of Infababy Superior Sleigh Cotbeds, available in 3 colours; white, antique pine and coco. They are elegant and durable, easy to assemble and also made from environmentally friendly and sustainable New Zealand solid pine. They can be transformed easily from cotbed to junior bed and to a sofa.

*A large drawer is also included for an extra storage!*

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Pocket sprung or foam mattress?

Pocket sprung mattresses are made from individually wrapped 200 pocket springs which provide excellent lumber and posterior support and prevent your baby from rolling to the side.

The interior of the foam mattress is made of high-density nursery foam with no added antimony or PVCs which provides excellent support for your baby.

They are both hypo-allergenic, eco-friendly, extra soft and fully breathable.

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What else you might need?

Use the space you have and arrange an extra storage for your baby’s essentials. A perfect piece of furniture for this would be for example, an Infababy Open Dresser. It perfectly combines style and functionality. It features open shelf spaces which gives an easy access to nappies, baby wipes or toys. It’s also easy to clean and to assemble, also available in two colours.

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