But First… What is a Travel System?

A Travel System is a set which consists of a Carrycot, Stroller Seat Unit and a Car Seat sold together with the frame. The idea of a travel system is to allow you to change between different components and to travel seamlessly with your baby anywhere you want. Our EVO Travel System for example, includes the following:

• Stroller Seat Unit
• Carrycot
• Car Seat
• Foot Apron for the Stroller
• Faux Leather Covers for Bumper Bar, Carrycot Handle and Stroller Handlebar
• Rain cover (fits stroller, carrycot & car seat)
• Changing bag
• Lightweight Aluminium frame 
• Air Wheels (rear only)

How to Choose a Travel System for My Baby?

Buying a travel system is a very important step when it comes to preparation before your baby arrives into the world but it does not have to be as hard as people might think. They often ask How to Choose a Travel System and Where to Look For It , that’s why Infababy decided to help and share with our customers the below article and to add in a few tips of our own.

EU MOM Article - 5 Top Tips For Choosing the Perfect Baby Buggy

Based on this article, the best travel system should be easy to fold, it should fit easily into the boot of your car and should be easy to store conveniently at home. Also, you should ask yourself a question if you will be able to use it for your second child and if there are forward and parent facing options.

Our EVO Travel System Says ‘’YES’’ to all of the above!

Its ultra-light aluminium frame folds and unfolds very easily and will fit into most of the car boots (remember to measure your car boot before buying the travel system, all measurements are displayed below in ‘’ What Are the Exact Measurements of EVO Travel System?’’ Section ). All parts are easy to store in your home. Also, all Infababy travel system/ strollers are both parent facing and forward facing with a ‘’Peek a Boo’’ Window which allows you to have a ‘’peek’’ at your baby without the need to stop your journey!

So, What is the EVO Travel System?

The Infababy EVO Travel System is trusted by thousands of Moms across the UK and Ireland. It has just about everything you need to get your little one mobile. Each and every part and component was carefully designed to be as safe as possible but to also look aesthetically pleasing. We also put a lot of care and attention into ensuring the EVO pram is as practical as possible. This travel system was made for great performance as the chassis is made from lightweight aluminium making the product strong, yet compact and easy to fold in any circumstance. This, combined with the highest quality fabric, makes our EVO a real winner if you are looking for a fantastic travel system.

Why the EVO Travel System is the Best Travel System For You and your baby?

Fantastic Reviews: ✔

Functionality: ✔

Fabulous Design: ✔

Great Price: ✔

Outstanding Quality: ✔


We understand that choosing the perfect Travel System for baby might be a very difficult task. In order to make it easier for parents, we would like to outline all the fantastic features of our fantastic EVO pram.

 1. All Terrain Air Wheels

The Infababy EVO 3 in 1 Travel System features an all-terrain air wheels suitable for any outdoor conditions, they help move your travel system with ease across floors in shopping malls and even rougher terrain in the rural countryside. The wheels can also click on and off with the simple click of a button.

 2. Fully Adjustable Handle

The handle is covered with tough foam and then a black faux leather cover, providing the softest touch and the most elegant look. It is fully adjustable, all you need to do is press the white buttons at the side of the handle and move it upwards or downwards.

 3. Multi Position Stroller Recline

The stroller seat unit is multi-positional, so you can go from forward facing to parent facing, but it also has a multi position recline to lie your baby back in his/her optimal position, whether your child needs a nap or a big look around.

 4. Peek A Boo Window Hood

This feature allows you to have a ‘’peek’’ at your child anytime. This is very beneficial when the stroller is forward facing, as you can check on your baby without having to stop.

 5. Ultra Lightweight Aluminium Frame. Easy to Fold.

The frame is made from ultra-lightweight aluminium, helping to ensure easy movement of your travel system.

 The EVO Travel System frame folds really easily by pressing the secondary lock button on the RHS and pulling both fold levers back at the same time.

 6. Front and Rear Spring Suspension

All EVOs are equipped with front and rear spring suspension, providing great comfort you or your child during any journey.

 7. Easy Press Foot Brake

Stop anytime, anywhere you want. This feature allows you to brake safely at any stage of your journey.

 8. Infatex™ Breathable Fabrics

The EVO Travel System features the best quality Infatex™ fabrics which are fully breathable, soft, stylish and very easy to clean.

 9. 5 Point Safety Harness Stroller

Here at Infababy, we understand safety is paramount to any child product. Be extra safe anywhere you go, as our fantastic stroller features a 5 point safety harness with adjustable shoulder heights.

 10. Fully Removable and Washable Covers

There is no need to worry if the things get a little bit messy. All the covers, including the hood are fully removable and washable.

 11. Fully ventilated construction

We are fully aware of how precious sleep is when it comes to babies and their parents. This is why our carrycot features fully ventilated construction which allows maximum air flow and breathability for the highest quality sleep and comfort of your new born baby. Note: Not suitable for overnight sleeping.

 12. Padded Mattress with Fully Washable Covers

The EVO Carrycot features a padded mattress which is fully removable and washable. Foam interior may bend if machine washed so it’s best to use warm soapy water. Alternatively you can machine wash the outer cover of the mattress and simply wipe clean the foam interior mattress. More information on washing can be found in the manual.

 13. Car Seat Suitable From Birth up to 13kg (4-28 lbs)

The Car Seat can be used from birth up to 13kg. It also includes a new-born baby insert/head hugger which can be removed as the baby gets bigger, generally before 6 months.

 14. ISOFIX and Seat Belt Secured (Please Note The ISOFIX Is Sold Separately)

The Car Seat can be secured in your vehicle using the car seat belt. Alternatively you can purchase the Isofix Base, sold separately and then use the ISOFIX connections in your vehicle (for this option your car is required to have the ISOFIX connections points, see your vehicle handbook for more information.

 15. 3 Point Safety Harness Car Seat

Travel anywhere fully secured with our EVO Car Seat unit featuring 3 point safety harness. The harness is also fully adjustable.


What Do Our Customers Say About the EVO 3 in 1 Travel System Pram? 

Fantastic Product! – Reviewed by Jenny O’Connor

Truly fantastic product. The quality is amazing, the delivery is very quick and the design is beautiful. I ordered my EVO Travel System in black and I would not change it for anything else. Highly recommended to all expecting mummies. Thank you Infababy!


Fast Delivery and Great Quality – Reviewed by Sarah Byrne

Very happy with my recent purchase. I ordered my EVO pram on Wednesday morning and received it the next day which is amazing! The quality is great and it’s very easy to put together which is really important.


Lovely Travel System – Definitely Recommended – AnnP_90

It was my second time ordering from Infababy and I must say it was my second best purchase I ever made. The quality is very good, delivery is very fast and the general service is perfect. I am recommending Infababy to everyone I know. Solid 10/10

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